Everything You Need To Know About Dealing With Fleas

Holistic Flea Care with Rita Hogan

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Herbal Remedy Guide

Learn what types of herbal remedies are included In the course and how they are made and utilized.


The Flea Cycle

It is imperative to understand how fleas reproduce. The Flea Cycle helps you ease anxiety and finally understand this pesky bug's lifecycle. 


Traditional Flea Meds Overview & Dangers

This lesson goes over the current flea medications on the market, what they are and their side effects.


Fleas In The House & Yard

Lesson four is all about how to deal with fleas in the house and in the yard. Natural strategies that work!


Your Dog From The Outside

Lesson five goes over strategies for protecting your dog(s) from the outside. Skin, coat, essential oils, commercial products, flea combs and more.


Your Dog From The Inside

Lesson six covers your dog as an ecosystem. The role of diet, flower essences, herbs, and available commercial products like internal powders.  



What to do when things go wrong, you have too many fleas and everyone is frustrated. How to deal with flea allergy, side effects and more!


    -Meet Your Instructor-

Canine Herbalist

Hi, I'm Rita Hogan

I'm an integrative clinical herbalist with over 20 years of experience specializing in Holistic Canine Herbalism.  
I use a combination of diet, flower essences, herbs, and phytoembryonic therapies in my full-time clinical practice based in Olympia, Washington.   
I believe understanding your dog as an individual as well as an ecosystem is the key to disease prevention.
Can't wait to share this comprehensive flea course with you!