Liver Spring Primer

We are going to be talking about the liver today because this is liver time.  If you live in the northern hemisphere the liver is waking up.  The liver knows it is spring time which is the opening.  It is when energy rises and starts to move around.  We have to deal with liver at that time.

Topics Covered:

  • Passive filtration 
  • Liver and how it’s regenerative 
  • Nervous system and dryness 
  • Meridians and Chinese medicine 
  • What it may mean if you are discharging from the eyes 
  • Negative influences on the liver 
  • Over vaccination of pets 
  • Stress, anxiety and what it does to the organs 
  • Overeating and the liver 
  • Liver stagnation 
  • Foods to support the liver 
  • Supplements to support the liver 

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