Your Dog As An Individual Through Holistic Canine Energetics

This is a work-at-your-own-pace course about the energetics of your dog.  Why is this important?  You can take this information and look at your dog's food, treats and supplements differently.  When you add energetics, an unseen world opens up and you'll achieve greater levels of healing and disease prevention.

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Holistic Canine Herbalism

Join Rita for this self-paced level one herbalism course.  This is a stand alone course or her required foundational course for her certification program. 

By the end of this course, you'll be proficient in using herbs for your dog and open your world by expanding your knowledge of plants.

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Canine Phytoembryonic Therapy Training

Discover an entire branch of sustainable herbal medicine. Liquid extracts of plant buds, young shoots, embryonic barks, germinating seeds, and rootlets help balance the body at a cellular level, restoring immunity, organ function, and balance to the Dog-As-Ecosystem. Course Includes Canine and Human Indications.   Join Today!

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One New Herb Each Month

Detailed, written study of a single herb.  You'll come away wiht knowing exactly how to use each herb in its many medicinal forms. Monthly monographs are specifically written for dogs.  Each monograph (think resume) is 100% downloadable.  $12 monthly subscription

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Dogs Are Individuals with Rita Hogan

You can ask any question to Rita through this community.  It's like having an herbalist on call! 

You'll also get an uncensored, supportive envirmonment with other like minded individuals.

Each month we have live Q & A, and an in-depth training.

Join, unsubscribe and rejoin anytime. $10 per month.

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Holistic Flea Care

Learn effective methods to helping protect your dog, home, and yard from fleas. 

Rita covers effective, proven methods for all-natural flea protection including going over commercial products, ingredient lists, flea medication side effects and more.  

Course is self-paced and 100% downloadable. Love this course or your money back!

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Holistic Canine Dental & Oral Care

Canine Holistic Dental and Mouth Care Mini-Course is live. Six modules, fully downloadable. Work-at-your-own-pace. Love it or your money back!
Understand your dog's mouth and how you can use all-natural remedies to keep your dog's mouth healthy, working with your vet, recipes, and an overview of commercial products with links and ingredient lists! 
Course includes a before and after protocol for preparing and detoxing your dog for anesthesia cleaning.  $65
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