New Years Resolutions For You and Your Dog | Shorts

Have you ever faced the heartache of seeing your beloved dog in discomfort and felt the weight of self-blame? Join me, Rita Hogan, as we traverse the tender journey of caring for our senior dogs with empathy and herbal wisdom. In a heartfelt conversation, I recount the story of an aging dog and the unintended consequences of a stretching routine gone awry. It's a narrative that touches on the delicate balance between our desire to heal and the realization that our control has limits.

This episode isn't just about herbal remedies and alternative therapies; it's a compassionate call to all dog owners to practice self-forgiveness when our best-laid plans for our pets go astray. As I discuss the incorporation of homeopathy and other supportive measures, I emphasize the importance of intention and the release of guilt in the pursuit of our dogs' health. It's a poignant reminder that our dogs need us to be kind to ourselves just as much as they need us to be kind to them, and that the most profound medicine often lies in the heart's capacity for grace under pressure.

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