Three Remedies for Head Conditions

Good morning, this is Rita Hogan and welcome to the Dogs Are Individuals podcast. This podcast is all about your dog through an herbal lens. I practice qigong, and there’s a lovely smiling ritual where you smile to your organs. Try it right now! No matter what kind of mood you're in, it will make you feel better. You can feel things start to shift in your body. I love it! I also love herbs. Today, I am going to talk about draining the head. What that means is bringing fluid and infection down out of the head so it can be rendered. That’s a philosophical way of talking about it. But helping things that are occurring in the head. Today I am talking about things that are non cancerous. There’s three remedies that I love! Hornbeam Phyto Embryonic Therapy, Cleavers tincture, and Hepar Sulph. Okay, so let’s jump in!


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