Herbs for Pets Book Review

Hi, this is Rita Hogan and welcome to the Dogs Are Individuals podcast. I’m a clinical herbalist and I’ve been practicing for 20 years. This podcast is all about your dog through an herbal lens. 

Happy Spring everyone, I hope your life is coming up roses, and Rosehips! It’s what I call the cooling turmeric. A lot of people know about turmeric, but do you know the powerful aspirations of rosehips? It definitely wants to be a good anti-inflammatory, and it is. Roses are so beautiful and they're cooing and they're lovely and they help the nervous system. Rosehips are a good way to give your dog an anti inflammatory, especially for dogs that are warm, hot and damp.


I am going to do another book review today, I’ll review Herbs for Pets. I love this book and want to share it with you. This is a wonderful book to get the idea of the herbs out there that can work with your pet. So let’s get to it and dive right in.


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